OFFSITE REPAIR available via remote access

We can fix it here at our headquarters or in your business location

Hardware Service Charge

$ 34.99 each hardward item
  • Harddrive installation / cd dvd drive / power supply / graphics card ****This service excludes pc builds

Data Transfer

$ 19.99 per 1TB
  • Backup of data per 1TB. Data must be easilly accessible. 

Software Installation

$ 29.99 per program
  • Software installation per program installed and licensed. Includes operating systems

Additional Repair Pricing

Prices are for in store prices only. Remote repair pricing may vary


$ 89.99
Hard Drive Diagnosic
  • Includes BIOS system check for hardware. Report on your speed and RAM


$ 49.99
Speed Tune-UP
  • Rev up the engine with our PC tune up. Increase your speed with our opimization package. Also cleans temporary unneeded files


$ 19.99
Periodical Tune UP
  • Increase your every day speed with a custom package to speed up your everyday computer


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